This is a good read, you always amaze me on your vast knowledge of the truth. Thank You for sharing and what is your aspects of the Harbingers of 9/11?
To coincide with this is the Harbinger events:
And what about the 4 Blood Moons soon to happen again starting 4/15/2014 ref: #S1244.
I believe we are in Judgement days and we are to go into the Heavens, planets to start voyaging and find them for inhabitatio

We dream of things that never were and say: "Why not?"      Bach Fugue in G Minor BWV542 Albert Schweitzer

Whilst there is widespread scholarly agreement on the existence of Jesus, the portraits of Jesus constructed have often differed over past centuries until up today. Various scholars have criticized each other on the different approaches being used, – including the studies on the historical Jesus.It’s a long story, which started roughly since 1778 with various books being published and many criticising each other on historical methods of research.  Some scholars believe that the life of Jesus must be seen within the historical and cultural context of Roman Judea and the forces in action within and without the Jewish culture at the time. The Roman occupation must be considered as well. Jesus grew up in Galilee and the majority of his ministry took place there. The language was both Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic being the main language. There are indications…

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